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* author and illustrator 


Histories, llegendes, miracles i tradiciones de Selva, etc. (Ajuntament de Selva, 2002)

Guia de Binibona (Ajuntament de Selva, 2002)

Sa Comuna de Caimari el home i el bosc. (Ajuntament de Selva, 2006)

Selva. Això era i no era... una història vertadera. (Ajuntament de Selva, 2006)

Moscari i el seu districte (Ajuntament de Selva, 2006)

Els Rondalles no escrites (Govern de Balears, 2007)*

Las Rarezas de los Pájaros by Avelino Hernandez (Documenta Balear, 2008)

Dibuixa Valencia/Painting Valencia (Diálogo Infantil 2013)

Mallorca colors (MTM, 2014)*

Guia Arquitectònica del Municipi de Selva (Ajuntament de Selva, 2015)*

Dibuixa Barcelona / Painting Barcelona (Diálogo Infantil 2015)

Feeling el Castillo de Papa Luna (Feeling Lab, 2015)

Feeling l’Iber Museo del Soldaditos de Plomo (Feeling Lab, 2015)

L’Hort de les Rondalles Mallorquines (Documenta Balear, 2017)


River Books (Thailand)

On Track, Henry Gittins - Railway Pioneer in Siam & Canada  (2015)


Ploegsma (Netherlands)

Nurdius Maximus in the Netherlands

Nurdius Maximus in Gaul




Curiosity Killed the Meerkat*

Essex Joke Book

Epic Fail



Disgusting Jokes

The School Joke Book

The big fat Father Christmas Joke book (cover)

Suzy Dent’s Weird Words

Johnson Beharry autobiography (Scholastic 2013)

Christmas Jokes (2015)

Sporty Jokes (2015)

Animal Jokes (2017)


Top That Publications:

Doodle war colouring books (covers) (Top That Publications, 2014)

Vampires vs Werewolves Doodle Wars (Top That Publications, 2012)

Dinosaurs vs Dragons Doodle Wars (Top That Publications, 2012)

Perkin’s Perfect Pet (Top That Publications Digital 2011)*

Perkin’s Palace of Pleasure (Top That Publications Digital 2011)*

Being Popular - Doozandohntz (Top That Publications, 2010)*

Parent Training - Doozandohntz (Top That Publications, 2010)*

Explore, Dream Discover  by Charlotte Samiec (Top That Publications, 2009)


Harper Collins:

The Gentry, Stories of the English by Adam Nicolson (2011)

Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World by Simon Callow (2012)

Target Tirpitz by Patrick Bishop (2012)

The Knot (2012)

Battle Castles: 500 Years of Knights and Siege Warfare (2012)

The Last Highlander: Scotland’s Most Notorious Clan Chief, Rebel & Double Agent (2012)



Michael O’Mara:

The Boys’ Doodle Book (Buster Books, 2008)*

The Girls’ Doodle Book (Buster Books, 2008)*

The Telephone Doodle Book (Michael O’Mara, 2009)*

Remember the Alamo (Michael O’Mara, 2009)

Je Ne Se Quoi (Michael O’Mara , 2009)

Easy as Pi (Michael O’Mara, 2009)

F My Life (Michael O’Mara, 2009)

Off with their heads! (Michael O’Mara, 2009)

The Northern Monkey Survival Guide (Michael O’Mara, 2009)

The Wimpy Vampire (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

The 2nd Boys'Doodle Book (Buster Books, 2010)*

The 2nd Girl's Doodle Book (Buster Books, 2010)*

Dinosaur Doodles (Buster Books, 2010)*

Splat! What’s that? (Buster Books, 2010)*

Divide and Conquer (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

Universally Challenged (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

Senior Doodles (Michael O’Mara, 2010)*

The Queens English (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

The Dangerous Book for Men (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

I Think Therefore I Am (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

I Wish I Knew That (Buster Books, 2010)

Write Every Time (Buster Books, 2010)

Where on Earth (Buster Books, 2010)

An Englishman, an Irishman, etc. (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

100% Essex (Michael O’Mara, 2010)

The Graffiti Doodle Book (Michael O’Mara, 2011)*

Ye Olde Doodle Book (Buster Books, 2011)*

The Pedant’s Revolt (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

The Wimpy Vampire 2 (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Gross Doodles (Buster Books, 2011)*

A dyslexic walked into a bra (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Everyday English (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

School Fail (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Pushing the Envelope (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Bad History (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Hollow Earth (Buster Books, 2011)

Out of this Earth (Buster Books, 2011)

The Wimpy Werewolf (Michael O’Mara, 2011)

Marriage (Michael O’Mara, 2012)

Infonation (Michael O’Mara, 2012)

Dreadfully Deadfully (Buster Books, 2012)

Are we Live? (Michael O’Mara, 2012)

London Activity Book (Buster Books, 2012)

Cliches (Michael O’Mara, 2012)

Numberland (Buster Books, 2013)

The diary of Dorkius Maximus (Buster Books, 2013)

Dorkius in Egypt (Buster Books, 2013)

Bone Quill (Buster Books, 2013)

Bad Teacher (Michael O’Mara, 2013)

The diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii (Buster Books, 2014)

There are Tittles in This Title (Michael O’Mara, 2014)

Adventures of a Wimpy Superhero (2015)

The Contented Little Husband (2016)

The World in Numbers (Buster Books 2017)

Senior Moments Activity Book (2017)

Vegetable growing, a money making guide (2017)

All I got for Christmas was this Lousy Joke Book (cover, Michael O’Mara, 2017)


John Blake

Dr Dino - How fast can you fart? (2014)

Dr Dino - Can turtles really breath out of their bum? (2014)

Dr Dino - Did Romans really wash themselves in wee? (2014)

Birds, Bees and educated Fleas. (2014)

The secret diary of Eric Cowell (2014)

Here Comes a Chopper to Chop Off Your Head (cover. 2014)

The Naughty Kid’s Handbook (2015)

Utterly Lost in Translation (2015)

Dr Dino - How do astronauts wee in space? (2015)

Dr Dino - Do dinosaurs make good pets? (2015)

Dr Dino - How many Greeks can you fit inside a horse? (2015)

The World According to Nigel Farage (2015)

The World According to Manager Mark (2015)

The Book of Shakespearian Useless Information (cover 2016)


Quarto Books

More Monster Knits (2014)

Natural Birdhouses (2014)

Crochet Therapy (2016)

Tarot Wisdom Book and Cards (2016)

Your Sharpie Style (2016)

The Herb Companion (2015)

The Spice Companion (2015)

Knitting Therapy (2016, cover)

365 Mindful days to Colour (2016)

Fantastical Beasts to Colour (2016)

A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts (2016)

Elements Squared (cover, 2016)

Dog Owner’s Wisdom (2017)


Simon &  Schuster Children’s Publishing (USA)

Wimpy Vampire I, II, and III, Wimpy Werewolf (covers)


Éditions Illador (France)

Scratching Around - Poèmes de Paul Gittins (2015, cover)


Readers Digest USA:

An Apple a day (Reader’s Digest 2011)

I before E (Reader’s Digest 2011)

I wish I knew that Science (Reader’s Digest 2011)

I wish I knew that Presidents (Reader’s Digest 2011)

I wish I knew that History (Reader’s Digest 2011)

I Used to Know That Philosophy (Reader’s Digest 2011)

Everyday English (Reader’s Digest 2012)


Amazon Kindle/Etsy (self published)

The Oddities go on Holiday*

Descobrint Ramon Llull*

The Mandrill’s bottom*

The Mythological Monster Petting Zoo*

A Legend from a Tiny Green  Planet - The Quest for the Sacred Jewel*

English for Owners of Holiday Properties - Inlès para Dueños de Propiedades de Vacaciones